The farm is open to our farmers Monday-Friday. When they arrive each morning with their job coach, they are assigned various jobs for the day. Jobs may include working in the garden, greenhouse, woodworking, tending to the farm animals, grass cutting and other yard maintenance, painting, and other general maintenance to keep up the farm or the farmhouse.

On designated days throughout the month, farmers participate in cooking class with one of our volunteers, learning basic kitchen skills such as following a recipe. The farmers prepare lunch for everyone on those days and we eat together at the kitchen table. Other special programs throughout the month include art class, where farmers create beautiful works that can be found for sale at the general store. During the winter months, farmers get to try their hand at leather work, thanks to another one of our volunteers. Horseback riding lessons is another recently added activity. Farmers also participate in woodworking such as building picnic tables and sections of picket fence.

There is something for everyone. Our program director places the farmers where their capabilities and interests allow, while still challenging the farmers to learn new skills and maintaining a safe environment. At the end of the day, the farmers are proud of the work they have completed. At Special Dreams Farm, they get the chance to do meaningful work that others may have never thought they could do. It’s truly amazing to see the growth, not only in their skillset, but in every aspect. Each day, the farmers gain skills, get stronger, engage in socialization, and have fun while doing so.