Outing to Indigo Lavender Farm


On Friday, July 6th, some of the Special Dreams Farm crew took a trip to Indigo Lavender Farms in Imlay City. Farmers grow some lavender of their own at Special Dreams Farm, so we wanted to learn more about the process and the different things that you can do with lavender. While we were there, we also picked some different varieties of lavender to bring back to the farm to dry for various crafts. We learned that there are many different varieties of lavender and that different varieties are used for different purposes. This week, we were able to harvest some lavender of our own. We are currently drying the lavender in hopes of using it for crafts and some new recipes. We look forward to expanding our lavender project at the farm!

36870029_2002893426421331_871081958187204608_nlavendermark and jen lavender farmnancy and gail lavender farmlavender lemonadegroup lavender farmgail lavenderjill lavender farmlavender bunch


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