Greenhouse Season 2018 is Underway at Special Dreams Farm

Just like that, the greenhouse goes from being another outbuilding sealed up tight from the winter air, with snow drifted around its edges to a warm place, full of life and color.


Little by little, the greenhouse gains more occupants in the form of seedlings greeting the air above the soil where they were once nestled in and a large assortment of flower plugs that arrived recently. Seed planting will continue through March and April. Farmers have started a variety of herbs, flowers, and a few vegetables. By May, the greenhouse will be full of plants awaiting new homes in the vegetable gardens and lovely flowers awaiting new homes where they will brighten front porch views and become a source of beauty in flowerbeds in many yards. A great deal of hard work goes into the early stages of growing high-quality flowers and produce. Here is a behind the scenes look at life in the greenhouse:


Stay tuned to see more greenhouse work and pretty flowers!

We are thinking spring at Special Dreams Farm!


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