Cold Hands, Warm Hearts


This week has been a cold one at the farm, accompanied by treacherous amounts of snow that will proceed to fall for the next few days. Snowflakes have ganged up on us this week to make for some questionable road conditions which amounted to a couple of snow days and Peanut holding down the fort without her farmer friends.

Don’t worry, Peanut and I took care of the chickens and the rabbit.

However, the chill of February was no match for our warm-hearted friends at Cargill Salt in St. Clair, Michigan. Last year, Cargill Salt made a donation to Special Dreams Farm for the nature trail improvement project. This made it possible for Special Dreams Farm to line and gravel a trail from the farmyard to the woods. What this has allowed for is the use of the trail and the woods year-round. This has made it feasible for year-round wood cutting for the sale of our firewood, access to our maple trees for tapping, and unlimited possibilities to come with a safe, functional trail. Today, representatives from Cargill visited the farm to present to us a donation of $7,500! We are very thankful to have continued support from a company within our community. This kind of support helps us grow. This kind of support helps our farmers grow, learn, and thrive. This kind of support makes challenges possible to overcome, not only for Special Dreams Farm as a whole but for the individuals that we serve.

On behalf of Special Dreams Farm, the board of directors, and our farmers, we thank you, Cargill, for your generosity and kindness!


On a side note, we started taking cuttings off of our geranium plants. We managed to get 72 cuttings started! Soon, the greenhouse will be a very busy place. Within the next couple of months, we have many of seeds to get started for the summer garden…peppers, tomatoes, peas, beans, squash, cucumbers, marigolds, thyme, basil, oregano, dill, strawflowers…oh my! Stay tuned!


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