Port Huron Northern High School Students Participate in a Transitional Learning Experience at Special Dreams Farm

Special Dreams Farm was pleased to host students from Port Huron Northern High School in a week of transitional learning, skill-building, and job-readiness training! 

The week of January 22nd-January 26th was an exciting one at the farm. Port Huron Northern High School partnered with Michigan Rehabilitation Services to provide a week at Special Dreams Farm for a group of students. The week’s itinerary consisted of planting herbs for the greenhouse, leatherwork, sewing-where Miss Mary gave an intro to sewing lesson and students made potholders, helping with animal chores, loading firewood, craft projects, skills of daily living such as cleaning, a baking class, tapping maple trees for sap, and learning the importance of punching in on a time clock.

Special Dreams Farm aims to provide meaningful work for special needs adults to build self-esteem, confidence, and give our farmers a sense of purpose. It was so wonderful to be able to share that with the students of Port Huron Northern High School and see the joy that the farm brought to them. Enjoy below, some photos from the week!

Pictured is a Special Dreams farmer, Jay, showing a couple of students the ropes on loading firewood for a customer. These boys demonstrated awesome teamwork skills and really enjoyed getting to do hard work!


Students planted herbs such as lemon balm, lavender, moss rose, dill, and many more! They took some back to school to continue to watch them grow.

Mr. Chris, a Special Dreams Farm volunteer, taught students how to make leather crafts such as wallets, bracelets, and decorative doorbells. The students also learned about the leather dying process. 

Special Dreams farmer, Abbey, led a baking class where students learned how to follow a recipe to make cookies (using farm fresh eggs)! Students also learned how to clean up after baking class-doing dishes and wiping down counters and the table. 

Taking full advantage of the beautiful weather that Friday brought, Special Dreams farmers and students tapped six of the maple trees that we marked in the fall. Volunteer and job coach, Miss Gail led the group in this activity. We actually had one tree start running with sap right away! Very cool! We look forward to checking these trees and starting the boiling process to make maple syrup. We are already making plans for pancakes.

We want to thank our visitors for joining us. We had a wonderful time and hope that they did, too! It was a wonderful chance for Special Dreams farmers to act as mentors to teach the skills they have learned and for the students to experience and learn skills related to the workforce. 


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